Change wallpaper on your iPhone

How to change your wallpaper on iPhone or iPad
iOS presents new wallpaper types and options with every new update. This makes the phone look more customized, enabling the user to get a specific photo on the lock screen and on the home page.
Here we present the sources which can be put up as wallpaper for iOS devices and also the particular steps through which this can be done.

Steps Change wallpaper for iPhone

Sources of wallpaper on Apple devices

  • Live photo from iPhone
  • Photo from photo gallery
  • Photo from Apple’s collection (still & dynamic)

Styling options for wallpaper

There are three main options available for the wallpaper display on the mobile device:

  • Still (to show a stationary image on a screen- the most basic option)
  • Perspective (to change the highlighted area of the image as the device moves)
  • Live Photo (to use an animated image as a wallpaper- image changes on touch)

Steps to change wallpaper

Step 1: Tap the settings button
Step 2: Select the Wallpaper option
Step 3: Tap on the “choose new wallpaper” option
Step 4: Select the type of wallpaper from a list of dropdowns. These will contain the sources of photo which user wants as a wallpaper
Step 5: Select the required picture and use the preview button to view it as a wallpaper
Step 6: Use the set option and choose between the home screen and the lock screen as the wallpaper destination for the selected photo.

The wallpaper for both lock and home screen can also be set through the photo gallery directly. This is a much easier way of changing wallpaper which is available for each of the media file present in the phone gallery.
Hence using the steps mentioned in the article, users can easily change their wallpapers. Feel free to comment any other relevant questions.

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