Change wallpaper on your Android

With the increasing need to customize mobile devices, changing wallpapers on mobile devices is one way of making your mobile customized.
Users are given the option of customizing their devices by selecting any existing photo from the photo gallery or from the images given already on Android. Following steps.

Steps to change wallpaper

Step 1: Go to the home screen. Tap the screen and hold the tap.

Steps 1 Change wallpaper for Android
Step 2: Icons will appear on the bottom of the screen. Use the wallpaper button on the bottom left.
Step 3: Users will be presented with an option to choose the wallpaper from either the default wallpapers or from the photo gallery, this wallpaper can be seen in the preview mode.

Steps 3 Change wallpaper for Android
Step 4: Use “Set as Wallpaper” or “Apply” option from the available options.

Steps 4 Change wallpaper for Android

These steps are mostly same across all Android devices. In some devices, users may be presented with the icons on a different pane, but the functionality remains the same overall.

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